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“We have worked with O J Neil since the award of their spreading contract to Thames Water in November 2016. They are diligent and innovative in the tasks they undertake for us, maintaining and improving the service we give to our customers, who ultimately judge the quality of the work we do. We strive to achieve the highest possible Health, Safety and Wellbeing for all involved in our operations, along with protecting our environmental record and strengthening our Customer base. Olly and his team have proven to be equal partners in maintaining and achieving these standards.”

Henry Grace | Thames Water

O J Neil Contracting was established as a small agricultural contracting company in 2002.

Based in Bury St. Edmunds, we started out offering specialised spreading services to local farmers. Since then, this side of the business has grown dramatically.

We now spread products ranging from lime and fertilisers to organic recycled products across the southeast. We have the very best equipment to help farmers grow their crops and offer services that include precision crop drilling, forage harvesting for livestock farms and anaerobic digestion plants, dirty water lagoon construction, straw baling and more.

About Us

A Complete Solution

The number of agricultural contracting solutions that we provide to local farmers is not the only thing that has grown. Over the last 20 years, we have steadily increased our service offering.

In 2004, we made the leap into the equestrian markets and have since made our name as one of the leading equestrian design, build and maintenance teams in the whole of the UK. We have created world-class gallops, equestrian arenas and training grounds for the Jockey Club and other leading names in the flat racing fraternity.


Growing Fleet of Vehicles

We have also added a haulage division that uses our ever-increasing fleet of vehicles to deliver walking floor services, heavy haulage and tankering for our liquid products. In 2010, we also branched out into the renewable energy sector and were awarded the harvesting contract for the first fully operational anaerobic digestion plant in Suffolk. We now service a further eight plants and have become the largest energy crop harvesting contractor in East Anglia.

Perhaps our biggest and most exciting development has been our divergence into the utilities industry. Over the last few years, we have become one of the UK’s leading applicators of biosolids to land. Working with some of the country’s largest water companies, we apply up to 10,000 tonnes of biosolids to land per day to nourish the soil while reducing the use of manufactured fertiliser. That ties in perfectly with our commitment to driving positive change in agriculture through sustainability.

growing fleet of vehicles

Working in Partnership

At O J Neil Contracting, we build long-term relationships with our customers by offering outstanding service, expert advice and high-quality work carried out by our dedicated full-time workforce. Our best-in-class equipment, rigorous health and safety standards and workplace training add value to everything from large-scale farms to power stations and water companies.

Above all, we tailor our agreements to reflect the needs of our customers and provide the best possible return on investment. That customer focus, along with our commitment to promoting soil health, is at the heart of our success. Want to find out more? Then take a look at our service pages or get in touch.



With an enviable track record across both the agricultural contracting and Biomass related services, O J Neil has a unique depth and breadth of experience in the sector.

Managing Director

Olly Neil

Owner and founder of both the contracting and biomass businesses, Olly sets out the strategy and direction for both companies and ensures all compliances are met.


Andy Gregory

Andy oversees all aspects of the contracting business on a daily basis. Having held various management roles throughout his career.


Tom Clarkson

Tom manages the Thames Water contract and looks after our haulage enterprise alongside overseeing all the biosolid movements to land.

Office manager

Alison Burrows

Alison ensures the smooth running of the office and manages all Accounting, Payroll & HR for both the Biomass and Contracting companies.

Bio-Recycling Supervisor west

David Sprague

David manages the spreading operations west of the M1 and is based out of our premises in Bletchingdon, Oxford. David Liaises with Thames Waters SDM’s, ensures the spreaders are working to their full potential and monitors compliance.