Haulage Services

Haulage for Agricultural and Biomass Products

Haulage Services

Whether you need to transport crops regularly to buyers or bring in biomass products for use on your farm, our haulage services can support you every step of the way. We organise haulage solutions on your behalf and offer both walking floor services, heavy haulage and tankering for our liquid products to provide a complete solution. 

We’re confident that no one offers a more comprehensive or fairly priced range of agricultural and biomass haulage services in the southeast. Many farmers in the area trust us to deliver – often at short notice – and come rain or shine, we will never let you down.

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Tom Clarkson

Tom manages the Thames Water contract and looks after our haulage enterprise alongside overseeing all the biosolid movements to land.

Haulage Services

Agricultural Fertiliser Transportation

O J Neil Contracting is highly experienced in the transportation of all agricultural fertilisers and the movement of all biosolids to land. Whether it’s bagged, bulk or liquid, we have a fleet that can handle the requirements of farmers, merchants and biosolid producers alike. 

Due to the many factors that determine when and how fertilizer can be applied, farmers are generally on a very tight schedule to apply the necessary nutrients. That’s why they need an agricultural haulage team they can trust. We are available to meet tight schedules and fill ‘just-in-time’ orders while offering competitive rates and a service that is second to none.


Heavy Haulage

There are times on any farm when you need to bring in large items and specialised pieces of equipment and machinery to maintain your business. Our heavy haulage service involves a range of vehicles – including loaders, semi-loaders and dolly systems – that we can use to load and transport goods of every size.

Safety and care are of the utmost importance when hauling heavy loads. We employ a management system to organise the movement of all farming equipment and are compliant with all of the relevant industry standards. The result is a safe and reliable heavy haulage service that ensures your products and machinery are delivered on time and within budget.

Haulage Heavy

Our Agricultural Haulage Fleet

Our fleet includes a leading range of quality vehicles to support the loading and transportation of all sorts of agricultural and biomass products. That includes:

  • Bulkers – Grain, feed, seed, fertiliser and aggregates
  • Tankers – Liquid products such as fertiliser and biosolids
  • Flatbed trucks – General farming products, irrigation equipment and more
  • Low loaders – Heavy vehicles and machinery such as tractors 

Curtainsiders – Fertiliser, seed and palletised goods


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