Organics Trading

Trading Organic Materials to Land

Organics Trading

At O J Neil Biomass, we specialise in the provision of a leading range of biosolids and Composts for use in agriculture.

Biosolids are organic materials that are generated from the treatment of wastewater and provide a valuable source of nutrient-rich fertiliser for crop growth. Compost is derived from both food & Greenwaste sources providing high levels of organic matter with trace nutrients.

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Tom Clarkson

Tom manages the Thames Water contract and looks after our haulage enterprise alongside overseeing all the biosolid movements to land.

Organics Trading

Trading Biosolids for Straw

We work with some of the UK’s leading water companies and have access to large stockpiles of biosolids. We currently apply more than 400,000 tonnes of biosolids to farms across the south east every year. In return for this sustainable source of slow-release nutrients, we want your straw.

We supply straw, wood and other recyclables to several local power stations, which burn them to create renewable energy to power homes. The remains from the power station can then be mixed with the biosolids from the water companies to create nutrient-rich fertiliser for soils.

While farmers are becoming more interested in sustainable solutions for their farms, many are reluctant to change. That’s why we take care of the whole process on your behalf. We have our own haulage solutions which includes a temporary trackway service along with spreaders and can transport the biosolids to your farm and spread them on your behalf. We also operate our own balers and chasers, and can bale, stack and remove your straw as quickly as possible to minimise the disruption to your farms operations.

Why Biosolids?

The agricultural recycling of biosolids to land is recognised as the best practicable environmental option for wastewater management. All of our biosolids are certified as 100% compliant with the Biosolids Assurance Scheme (BAS) and are applied in accordance with the Safe Sludge Matrix and in conjunction with normal agricultural rotations. 

Biosolids provide significant value to agriculture by recycling a range of plant-available and soil-extractable nutrients. They also help to improve soil structure, drainage and available water capacity to benefit the wider environment as well as agriculture.

Organics Trading in Numbers

Here at O J Neil Contracting, we help local farmers and the environment by:

  • Applying 400,000 tonnes of biosolids to land every year
  • Processing and hauling 170,000 tonnes of energy crops 
  • Using the UK’s largest fleet of self-propelled Vredo spreaders to spread up to 10,000 tonnes of biosolids a day
  • Delivered and Spread packages for Compost

For more information about our organics trading process or to order biosolids for your farm, please get in touch with our team today. 

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