Straw Services

Straw Baling, Buying and Processing for Power Plants

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Olly Neil

Owner and founder of both the contracting and biomass businesses, Olly sets out the strategy and direction for both companies and ensures all compliances are met.

Straw Services

Straw Baling

We offer a complete contract straw baling service for farmers and take care of the entire process, from mowing to stacking. We also operate our own balers and bale chaser. That enables us to clear the bales away quickly to minimise the disruption and keep the traffic on your fields to a minimum. 

We use only the latest baling, wrapping and stacking equipment and can control the number of bales that are stacked in different areas. We also have our own fleet of flatbed trailers and telehandlers to remove the bales at a time that suits you. 

Straw Buying and Selling

At O J Neil Contracting, we work with the local equine and livestock farming community to supply straw for feed and bedding. We also supply straw to vegetable growers in the south east who use it for overwinter carrot cover. We can supply a variety of straw in both 4×3 and 4×4 size bales of OSR, Wheat, Barley and Oats.

We also procure most combinable crop straw swaths in competitive deals. We understand the importance of baling, chasing, stacking and removing the straw as quickly as possible so as not to hinder ongoing cultivations and following crop establishment.


Straw Processing for Power Plants

Baled straw is a biomass product that can be burned by straw fuelled power stations and converted into electricity. This is an important part of reaching the UK’s renewable energy targets and is a sustainable process that we are happy to be a part of.  

We supply straw to several power stations in the area and our balers conduct checks on the weights and moisture levels of our bales to provide the best possible product to meet their requirements. All bales are then stored carefully and sheeted to protect them from the elements.