December 21, 2021  /  News

Farmers Guardian Features O J Neil

Our very own Tom Clarkson was recently interviewed for an article in Farmers Guardian (FG) where he discussed the features and benefits of the self-propelled Ploeger.


For Suffolk-based O.J. Neil Contracting, the Ploeger AT5105 is viewed as a game-changer. It is the firm’s first five-wheeler, and it sits alongside a fleet of six Vredo VT4556 self-propelled models that are used to apply biosolids as part of a 350,000-tonne contract spreading operation for Thames Water.

Tom Clarkson, biorecycling and transport manager for 0.J. Neil Contracting says:

We are always under pressure from farmers waiting to get biosolids spread on their land as soon as the combine has gone through. “And while we have good capacity from our existing fleet of Vredo spreaders, we have also implemented changes to our working hours at peak times, to improve the health and well-being of our operators,” he says.

And that includes building in rest periods and days-off during our busiest times from July to September.

To see the full article you can download the PDF here, or read it on the Farmers Guardian website.